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Tunnel boring equipment and auxiliary products for TBM tunnelling


Tbm cutters, tail brushes,
chemical consumables, grout and bentonite…

Drilling and tunnel construction require highly efficient machinery and tunnelling equipment to achieve excellent results quickly and cost-effectively. AB Tunnelling offers advanced tools and high-quality products to make digging and tunnel construction easier, faster, and with reduced economic and environmental impacts. Our tunnel boring equipment, including disc cutters and tail brushes, as well as polymers, ground conditioning agents, and backfilling mixtures (bentonite-retardant-silicate based) for mechanized excavation, represent the state of the art in the sector.


RingX ®: the TBM cutters

We develop and produce RingX ® a new generation of TBM disc cutters (“cutting rings”) with very high performance that improves TBM production and efficiency.

The technical characteristics of our cutting rings guarantee a strong reduction of TBM downtime and consequently a lower number of interventions to the excavation front.

The features of our RingX ® make it extremely performing and cutting-edge in the field of tunnel boring equipment and TBM cutting tools.

BrushX: the tail brushes

We have designed and manufactured a tail skin brush with an innovative design.

Our BrushX mounted on the TBM shield assures a perfect distribution and sealing of the backfilling mixture with maximum efficiency.

They are fundamental in the context of tunnel boring equipment.

AUxiliary products for tbm tunneLling

Chemical consumables

A wide range of polymers and ground conditioning agents. Readily biodegradable foaming agents for ground conditioning for EPB TBMs and dedusting and rock drilling improvement.

TBM main bearing grease and tail skin grease.

Mono-and two-components foams and resins, expanding or rigid.

Grout and bentonite

Design of backfilling mixture formulation (bentonite-retardant-silicate basis) for mechanized excavation applications to suit project requirements.

Ground conditioning for Slurry TBMs and cake formation ahead of excavation front inspection.